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The trick to playing Phoenix golf in the Colin Kaepernick Elite Jersey summer months is fairly apparent? tee off EARLY. July, August and September are the hottest months here. Try and get a Colin Kaepernick Jerseys tee time for 5:30am or 6 at the latest. Be aware that some courses do not allow tee times earlier than 6am. The advantages to getting on the course early are as follows: 1) Cheap golf, what more do I need to say. 2) Hopefully, you are the first one or group on the course for the day. That means there is no one in front of you. 3) In addition to Colin Kaepernick Jersey number 2, if you are the first one on the course and tee off at 5:30am you're finished by 9am before it gets unbarebly hot.
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